Week 39: In the wake to Dynamic Victory

August 2, 2016 armyjobs

Week thirty-nine, the week before Dynamic, all spare time is given to moulding our new berets which we will be presented in three weeks time on EndEx of Dynamic Victory.

This week was also exam heavy, a CABS exam and also Dynamic Estimate.

Dynamic Estimate is a four and a half hour exam in which you receive a set of orders, extract a plan, go through a combat estimate, plan an attack and then deliver your plan to a senior captain and highly experienced colour sergeant. It was pretty tough and a few did fail, they will all have a re-sit later on in the term. But it is in a very complex scenario in which you must consider an insurgent force, a conventional force, a local national force and the civilians in the area.

The US Army are also now with us in the wake to Dynamic Victory. Sandhurst and Westpoint (the American near-equivalent) have a growing relationship and we share our final exercise. Well, the Americans are ginormous! They’re very big, very muscular and very enthusiastic. We both look forward to sharing skills and learning from each other, plus there is a lot of conversation exchanging differences at the dinner table. I will say this though, for all that muscle, we still beat them in the tug of war competition…

I typed this whilst waiting for my flight to Dynamic Victory, so excuse me. But in two weeks time I will have heard EndEx for the last time as an Officer cadet…

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